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772 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
United States


ode to babel is a crown heights bar and lounge with a chill low-key vibe. we have a curated selection of whiskeys and spirits. host to rotating DJ's and various events.

Stiletto Dreams   "Drink + Movie Mix"


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Stiletto Dreams "Drink + Movie Mix"

Join Us for the Screening of the incredible film STILETTO DREAMS written by the talented Nicolette Ellis

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Brooke is forced into adulthood after no luck with finding a job. Her father, Alvin, has had enough and believes that her moving to NYC with her childhood friend, Samantha, would be the best choice. After reuniting, Brooke adjusts to change in her new home and embarks life's journey with Samantha. Following the friendship of Mike and Kelly. Brooke and Samantha's friendship is challenged with unsuspected changes.


Earlier Event: November 14
Later Event: November 20
INNER LIFE friday party @ ODE TO BABEL